Resources and Tools

Psoriasis affects about 2-3% of the population. You are not alone. There are a range of resources and tools available to help you deal with your psoriasis.

Here you can learn about organisations and websites which can offer you the support and information you need. Find out about free psoriasis clinics near you or watch some useful videos which can explain the condition and teach you how to correctly apply treatments.

You can also download the first FREE, mobile app designed to help you to monitor and manage your psoriasis on the go using your iPhone or iPod touch.

Download the New Psoriasis iPhone App

Download the MyPsoriasis iPhone App for free today from the iTunes Store.

The MyPsoriasis iPhone application helps you to track and manage your psoriasis on the go using your iPhone or iPod touch. 


  • Information on psoriasis and its treatments at your fingertips
  • Advice on common psoriasis triggers and minimizing flare ups 
  • Your psoriasis diary – Treatment reminders so you never forget to use your medication (as advised by your doctor), catalogue flare ups and note appointments. 
  • Track how you’re managing your psoriasis – take and store photos of your rash and see how your treatment is working
  • Useful videos on psoriasis and how to use prescribed treatments 

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